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Trump Fan Was Asked If She Cared Whether Trump Lied at His Rally, and Her NSFW Response Has People Scratching Their Heads

Okay then.

Trump Fan Was Asked If She Cared Whether Trump Lied at His Rally, and Her NSFW Response Has People Scratching Their Heads
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the County War Memorial Coliseum November 5, 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

The fact that President Donald Trump frequently lies should come as a surprise to no one. Several organizations track Trump's lies and false statements.

But what about the President's fans who attend his Make America Great Again rallies?

The Huffington Post took the opportunity to speak to Trump fans at his recent MAGA rallies in Florida. They asked fans for their opinions on five of Trump's favorite MAGA rally false claims:

  1. Trump has received nearly $5 billion already to build his wall
  2. military veterans got the ability to see private doctors in the event of long waiting lists thanks to Trump
  3. his recent $716 billion military budget is the largest ever
  4. U.S. Steel is opening as many as eight new plants thanks to Trump’s tariffs
  5. the real name of the Democratic Party is the “Democrat” Party

The truth?

  1. Trump received $0 from Congress for wall construction
  2. veterans received choice via President Obama
  3. largest recent military budget—also Obama
  4. U.S. Steel—zero new plants
  5. real name of the Democratic Party—Democratic Party

While some supporters made excuses or denied the truth, one woman's NSFW response drew raised eyebrows and some questions.

When the woman, who refused to give her name to Huffington Post, was asked if she worried that Trump would lie onstage during the MAGA rally she planned to attend, she responded:

"I don’t care if he sprouts a third dick up there."

People had questions.

But other people had answers.

A variety of answers.

Including a few visual aids.

Rick Wilson, a GOP consultant opposed to President Trump said his supporters fell for a con artist. Wilson stated:

"Once a con man cons somebody, there is a bias among the marks not to admit that they’re that stupid. In this particular one, they want it to go on and on. They love it."

Naval War College professor Tom Nichols added:

"When you start from the assumption that they know they’re wrong, and how the immensity of the cognitive dissonance makes them deeply uncomfortable, the rest of their reactions start to make a lot more sense."

Whether most of Trump's fans really know he lies or lie to themselves to claim he does not, the outcome is the same. They do not care.