LISTEN: Donald Trump Says ‘I Haven’t Actually Left the White House In Months’ Despite His Recent Trips to Texas and Iraq


Donald Trump’s short-term memory has let him down.

On January 12, he told reporters for Fox News that he hadn’t left the White House in “months,” despite the fact that he’s traveled to Iraq, Germany, and the Mexican border. He also said this two days before leaving the White House for New Orleans to attend the American Farm Bureau Federation convention.

Trump’s baffling statement seems to be in response to the claim (again, his own) that Democrats are spending the federal government shutdown galavanting around on the taxpayer’s dime.

Is Twitter falling for such a blatant and easily disproven lie? They are not.

It’s hard to write off this latest claim as a gaffe or an oversight.

Is the president actually unable to accurately recall events that happened just weeks ago?

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