PHOTO: Commemorative Plaque Installed at Southern Border ‘To Celebrate the Completion of the First Section of President Trump’s Border Wall’


One of the reasons President Donald Trump is said to be so insistent on building a wall at the southern border is because it would be the ultimate monument to himself.

While Trump himself has never said this, judging from the plaque recently installed among some fencing near California’s southern border, his detractors may have a point.

The plaque reads:

“This plaque was installed on October 26, 2018 to commemorate the completion of the first section of  President Trump’s border wall.”

As it turns out, the portion of “new” wall isn’t new at all, but a replacement fence that was approved in 2015—before Donald Trump had even announced his candidacy for President. Now, Trump’s false assurances that miles of new wall are being built are immortalized.

Attorney George Conway, husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, couldn’t resist pointing this out on Twitter.

And then one final burn:

At this point, people weren’t exactly surprised.

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