The Trump Organization Sues Estate of Todd Brassner for $90,000 in Condo and Maintenance Fees

The Trump Organization is suing the estate of the man who died in a fire in his Trump Tower apartment earlier this year for unpaid condo and maintenance fees, court filings show.

Todd Brassner perished when an electrical fire engulfed his 50th-floor unit in Trump Tower in April. Brassner was a long-time resident of Trump Tower and worked as an art dealer. He amassed a collection of instruments and art worth millions, none of which survived the blaze.

Brassner’s apartment was not equipped with smoke alarms or sprinklers due in large part to now-President Donald Trump’s opposition to having them installed in the 1990’s. He claimed the $4 per foot cost was too much.

Now, in a lawsuit filed with the New York Supreme Court, the Residential Board of Trump Tower Condominium is suing Brassner’s estate for $64,000 in unpaid condo fees and an additional $25,000 “legal fees and expenses incurred” by the Board.

The filing states:

“By reason of the foregoing, there is now due, and owing to the Condominium the sum of $64,640.34 as of September 24, 2018, as well as additional common charges and additional common charges which will or may come due during the pendency of this action.”

In addition:

“As a result, Plaintiff is entitled to a money judgment in an amount to be determined at trial, but believed to be at least $25,000.00.”

Twitter thinks this is a dirty move, even for Trump.

Others weren’t surprised because it’s Trump.

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