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Someone Projected Trump's Approval Rating in the UK Versus Obama's Onto the Tower of London, and We Really Hope He Saw It

Chris Kleponis via Getty Images // YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump arrived in the United Kingdom on Monday and the Brits are welcoming him with some masterful shade.

In addition to TV commercials and crowdfunded Trump Baby blimps, UK residents are also trolling Trump using something simple.

The activist group Led By Donkeys has unleashed projections across at least two London landmarks. On the Tower of London, the group is projecting Donald Trump's UK approval ratings side-by-side with former President Barack Obama's.

Take a look below:

As the projection points out, polls from YouGov give Donald Trump an abysmal approval rating in the United Kingdom. Adding insult to injury, his rating is further dwarfed by his predecessor, Obama.

The London Tower projection isn't the only Led By Donkeys creation trolling the president. The group is also projecting a giant USS John McCain cap onto Madam Tussaud's.

This comes right off the heels of the Trump administration reportedly ordering the ship to be kept out of sight during Trump's recent visit to Japan. While the president infamously despises the late Republican senator from Arizona, many thought the order reached a new level of pettiness in Trump's feud with a dead man.

People are applauding the projections.

We're not sure if Trump will see Led By Donkeys' handiwork, but we certainly hope word gets back to him.