READ: The NRA Tweets ‘Overwhelming Majority of Citizens Who Own and Use [Semiautomatic] Rifles Do So for Lawful Purposes’


The Trump administration announced it would move to ban “bump stocks,” devices that allow semiautomatic weapons to fire more rapidly, adding that the devices must be destroyed or surrendered to law enforcement.

The move deals a blow to the National Rifle Association, which has otherwise remained steadfast in its support of President Donald Trump.

As if to defend the legitimacy of the organization, the NRA tweeted a quote from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas supporting its mantra that the “overwhelming majority of citizens who own and use” semiautomatic rifles “do so for lawful purposes, including self defense.”

This didn’t go over well with many of the NRA’s critics, who viewed the tweet as an example of its willingness to challenge the ruling.

One individual pointed out that it’s not the majority of law-abiding gun owners who are the problem, but the minority who commit atrocities such as mass shootings.

Another invoked the name of Maria Butina, the Russian agent who recently admitted to infiltrating Republican political circles—including the NRA—in a bid to influence U.S. relations with Russia. Butina’s actions, prosecutors said, were part of a plan to “establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over U.S. politics.”

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