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Trump Urged People to Submit Their Entries for the MAGA Rap Challenge and It Backfired Spectacularly

Drew Angerer/Getty Images // @cuckforyoursins/Twitter

President Donald Trump set Twitter ablaze after announcing the #MAGACHALLENGE, a rap challenge encouraging his supporters to serenade him with supportive lyrics. Soon, the hashtag climbed to the top of Twitter's trending topics.

Trump promised that he'd announce the winners and arrange a meeting and performance with them at the White House. He didn't say when he'd announce or when the meeting would be.

Supporters dutifully donned their MAGA caps, singing songs of praise in a stunning display of American idolatry.

As you might imagine, the hashtag was ripe for trolling, and soon, Trump's critics were responding with challenges of their own.

Unfortunately for Trump's devotees, his track record indicates that the winners of this contest won't get to go to the White House. In fact, they likely won't even be announced. As Judd Legum of the Popular Information newsletter reported, there's no evidence of anyone winning the 15 contests Trump has held promising the winner a meal with the President.