READ: Donald Trump Jr. Responds to Kirsten Gillibrand’s Tweet That the ‘Future Is Female,’ Tweets That ‘There’s No Future’ For His Sons


The 116th Congress will include several firsts. One of those is the most women ever to be in Congress. The Senate will have at least 24 female Senators and the House of Representatives will have at least 102 women.

While those numbers are still far less than half, it is still a major demographic change from just a decade ago when Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi of California became the first woman to ever serve as Speaker of the House. In the 110th Congress of 2008, there were 16 women in the Senate and 73 in the House.

South Dakota and Maine also elected their first female Governors in the 2018 midterm elections. More women also ran for offices in 2018 than ever before, at all levels of government.

In addition to more women entering Congress, more diversity will be represented in 2019. The first female Muslims and Native Americans, as well as the first Black woman to represent Massachusetts and first Latina to represent Texas will be in the 116th Congress.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) took to Twitter on Wednesday to express her joy over the gains made by women, especially women of color, in 2018.

But not everyone likes the idea of either diversity or gender equality. For some, the idea of others gaining equality with their rights and privileges means they “lose” something.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Senator Gillibrand’s post, claiming strides by women and increased diversity mean there is “no future” for his sons.

People who understood Gillibrand’s message quickly pointed it out to Donald Trump Jr.

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