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READ: Donald Trump Jr. Tweets ‘Amazing, But Not Shocking at All Anymore. Nearly 200,000 Florida Voters May Not Be Citizens’

Read the fine print.
Donald Trump Jr.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 17: Donald Trump, Jr. attends the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll at The White House on April 17, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Leigh Vogel/WireImage,)

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a news story claiming that “Nearly 200,000 Florida Voters May Not Be Citizens.”

“Amazing, but not shocking at all anymore,” he wrote.

But there were two problems with the tweet. The first: The story is from 2012. The second: The story begins with an editor’s note which notes that the piece has been fact checked and amended by editors.

The story, by NBC Miami writer Gary Fineout, is dated May 11, 2012.

“Florida officials are now saying that nearly 200,000 registered voters may not be U.S. citizens,” it begins. “Earlier in the week, state election officials announced they had identified more than 2,600 people who are in Florida legally but ineligible to vote.”

And yet, right above that first paragraph is an editor’s note dated November 12, 2018, which appears to have missed Trump Jr.’s eyes. It reads:

“The initial list of 180,000 names was whittled to 2,625, according to the Florida Department of State. The state then checked a federal database and stated it found 207 noncitizens on the rolls (not necessarily voting but on the rolls). That list was sent to county election supervisors to check and it also turned out to contain errors. An Aug. 1, 2012, state elections document showed only 85 noncitizens were ultimately removed from the rolls out of a total of about 12 million voters at that time.”

Trump Jr., who has a history of tweeting misleading news stories, was resoundingly mocked.

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