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Donald Trump Is Defending Playing Golf While 'Monitoring' Hurricane Dorian in Angry Twitter Thread

Sure, Donald.

Donald Trump Is Defending Playing Golf While 'Monitoring' Hurricane Dorian in Angry Twitter Thread
Leon Neal/Getty Images

As Hurricane Dorian threatened to ravage Florida and other parts of the United States, President Donald Trump cancelled a scheduled visit to Poland in order to monitor the hurricane's developments from the United States.

The President raised eyebrows, however, when footage of him golfing instead of working was released on Monday.

The optics of playing golf as a hurricane approached struck the ire of many Trump critics. Among them was London mayor, Sadiq Khan. When asked about Trump's cancelled visit to Poland, Khan told Politico:

"He’s clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course.”

Trump didn't take kindly to Khan's words at all, and soon fired back on Twitter.

After claiming his golf trips were "very inexpensive," Trump unsurprisingly invoked Obama and his trips to Hawaii. In reality, Trump's 213 documented golf trips have cost over $109 million dollars in taxpayer money—just shy of Obama's taxpayer vacation costs for the entire eight years of his presidency.

He then criticized Khan for the "totally out of control" knife crime rate in London. The city has seen an uptick in knife crime in recent years, but considering the 53 people dead from mass shootings in the United States last month alone, many felt Trump was throwing stones from a glass house.

His hypocrisy on golf outings garnered strong reactions as well.

Remember these?

The hypocrisy of it all.


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