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General Politely Declines Trump's Request to Discuss Sensitive Border Wall Technology, Trump Proceeds to Discuss It Anyway

President Donald Trump took a trip to visit a portion of the replaced fencing along the United States border with Mexico. The new bollard style fence is going to an area where fencing already existed.

The President also took the opportunity to talk up his border wall to the press.

During the course of bragging about his wall, Trump attempted to speak about some of the more sophisticated security aspects.

"One thing we haven't mentioned is technology, they're wired so we'll know if someone is trying to break through. You may want to discuss that a bit, general."

But United States Army Corps of Engineers General Todd Semonite told the President:

"Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that."

Watch the excerpt here.

Predictably, the General's warning did not keep Trump from going on to speak about said technology himself, saying:

"I'll just tell you they're wired, OK? They're wired. Technologically very advanced. All set up for cameras, anyplace we want. We have anything we need. They're set up for cameras. They're all wired out for drone technology. Anything you want, we have."

Former Trump administration staffers, as well as current members of the administration, have claimed the less Trump knew about national security matters the better, the implication being that the President would reveal top secret or classified information while speaking to the press, bragging to foreign leaders or on Twitter. We now see why.

People were swift to mock Trump for his loose lips.

Watch Trump's full border wall review here.

The book White House Warriors: How the National Security Council Transformed the American Way of War is available here.


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