WATCH: Fox News Reports ‘US Intelligence Officials Believe North Korea Has Been Deceiving the US’

Not even Fox is denying it.

If this is true, it comes at a heavy cost. In a controversial move, Trump agreed to end the United States’ joint military exercises with South Korea. The exercises have long been a source of North Korean animus toward the two countries during previous administrations as well as a reassurance to South Korean allies.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to many. While North Korea did seem to pledge eventual denuclearization, the agreement signed did not specify plans for inspections or other logical steps to verify that North Korea would indeed keep its word.

Trump has since tweeted about Iran, Harley-Davidson, and the NSA. Somehow, he hasn’t had the chance to get back to Congressman Lieu.

It’s ironic that Trump touts he prevented us from war with North Korea, especially after his antagonistic tweets toward Kim Jong-un in the past as well as threats of “fire and fury” made war with North Korea seem almost inevitable.

Trump has consistently said the agreement was substantive, but Americans don’t seem to have much faith.

A new spin on the legitimacy of the agreement is sure to come. It’s hard to say whether or not, even when faced with facts, Trump will concede that the agreement needs to be strengthened beyond the assurance of smiles and handshakes.

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