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Donald Trump Just Claimed He 'Never Gets Insulted' and People Honestly Can't Even


Donald Trump Just Claimed He 'Never Gets Insulted' and People Honestly Can't Even
The Hill video/Twitter

Monday afternoon while speaking to reporters on the south lawn of the White House, President Donald Trump claimed he never gets insulted because he learned not to be. But people wondered when this knowledge was gained.

In response to a reporter asking:

"Would you be personally insulted if Xi doesn't show up? Would you be insulted?"

Trump responded:

"No, I'm never insulted. I've learned not to be insulted."

Watch video of the exchange here.

However the President earned a reputation of being notoriously thin skinned before even taking office after lashing out at anyone who he perceived as less than complimentary to him.

In just the last month Trump went on the offensive against the news media, political opponents and celebrities on Twitter.

On the day most in the United States and around the world were posting messages about the upcoming 75th anniversary of D-Day, the President was on Twitter insulting actress, singer and icon Bette Midler.

Why? Midler insulted him by sharing a false quote often attributed to Trump that he did not say. The multiple award winner admitted the error and apologized.

In response, the President called Midler a washed up psycho.

People were highly critical of his response.

They cited who the President criticizes and launches tweet attacks against rarely relates to national interests.

Trump's attacks appear to center on those who are critical of his policies, behavior and statements. Or those who contradict or fact-check him in the media.

Given the President's comments during his Make America Great Again rallies, while speaking to the press and on Twitter, people were skeptical of his claim of never being insulted.

When asked about Chinese President Xi earlier in the day in a CNBC interview, President Trump stated:

"I think he will go and I think we're scheduled to have a meeting. I think he'll go."
"I would be surprised if he didn't go. I think he's going. I haven't heard that he's not. We're expected to meet and if we don't that's fine and if we do that's fine."

Both Presidents are expected to attend the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, Japan on June 28 and 29.