U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman Orders the Trump Administration to Halt Plans to Add a Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census


Among those who disagreed with the ruling was Pete Hegseth, a weekend co-host on “Fox and Friends,” long considered the president’s favorite television program. Hegseth said the decision came from a “rogue” judge and that the ruling “will be––and should be––appealed to the Supreme Court.”

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs also weighed in, saying the decision came from an “Obama Appointed Federal judge.”

The ruling is significant, as Buzzfeed reporter Zoe Tillman notes, because although numerous district court judges “have ruled against the Trump administration in litigation over the citizenship question,” this was the first trial, marking “the first final order from a judge blocking the addition of the question of the 2020 Census.”

Kelly Laco, a Justice Department spokeswoman, released a statement saying the Trump administration was within its legal right to ask the citizenship question:

“We are disappointed and are still reviewing the ruling. Secretary Ross, the only person with legal authority over the census, reasonably decided to reinstate a citizenship question on the 2020 census in response to the Department of Justice’s request for better citizenship data, to protect voters against racial discrimination. Not only has the government asked a citizenship question in the census for most of the last 200 years, 41 million households have already answered it on the American Community Survey since 2005. Our government is legally entitled to include a citizenship question on the census and people in the United States have a legal obligation to answer. Reinstating the citizenship question ultimately protects the right to vote and helps ensure free and fair elections for all Americans.”

President Donald Trump has not yet commented on the ruling.

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