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The Trump Campaign Is Now Selling Packs of Plastic 'Trump' Straws for the Most Trump Reason, and No, It's Not a Joke

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The climate crisis is just that: a crisis. Temperatures are rising, we're drowning in trash, and if substantial action isn't taken to offset the changing climate within a decade, the damage will be irrevocable.

With the United States government often slow to act, local governments and individuals have begun taking small steps to leave less of a footprint. This includes replacing plastic straws with paper straws. A biodegradable alternative to plastic, these paper straws pose less of a threat to plants and animals when they inevitably end up in the ocean or on the ground.

Apparently that's a display of sensitivity that only a bleeding heart liberal would express, so President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign has begun selling plastic straws.

For just $15 a pack, you too can own the libs.

The campaign's reasoning?

Liberal paper straws don't work."

And this isn't just some obscure item hiding among hundreds of products in the Trump campaign's website. The president's campaign manager is advertising them on Twitter.

Trump's supporters seem to be eating it up.

But Democrats seem pretty unbothered.

To his credit, selling ten straws for $15 because they have his name on them is extremely on-brand for Trump.

Or you can just buy 200 paper straws for eight dollars here.