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Trump's Former Campaign Manager Kept Saying the White House Instructed Him Not to Answer Questions, and Democrats Pounced

This is suspicious.

Trump's Former Campaign Manager Kept Saying the White House Instructed Him Not to Answer Questions, and Democrats Pounced

While Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee were looking for answers, it was clear President Donald Trump's former campaign manager had an entirely different agenda. The purpose of the House inquiry was to investigate potential obstruction of justice by the President.

However Corey Lewandowski—who was fired by the Trump camp in the spring of 2016—took the opportunity to get back in the good graces of Trump in advance of his own political campaign. Lewandowski is planning a 2020 Senate run, hoping to unseat Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire and launched his campaign website as part of his congressional testimony.

If President Trump's response to Lewandowski's antics is any indication, his ultimate goals were achieved.

Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee were less pleased however. In testimony that was characterized as "trolling" Lewandowski drew more ire than admiration from members of the House of Representatives.

Lewandowski stalled repeatedly, asking for copies of documents or citations. He outright refused to answer questions from the Democrats—including rejecting Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee's request he read from a screen.

The former Trump campaign staffer recited—on repeat:

"I will not disclose any conversation I've had with the President."

The Texas Democrat had words for the hostile witness.

Watch the exchange here.

Democratic New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries told Lewandowski:

"Let me remind you, Mr. Lewandowski, that this is not a Republican primary campaign. You are not on the campaign trail yet."

While others credited powers above Lewandowski for the circus.

Congressional Democrats were far from alone in that assessment.


The hearing was not a total loss however despite Lewandowski's best efforts.

The White House instructed two others called to testify before Congress, Rick Dearborn and Rob Porter, to skip the hearing.

As of Tuesday, September 17 the 2020 presidential election is 412 days away.

The book The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump is available here.


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