POLL: ABC News/WaPo Poll Finds 59% Unfavorable Toward Donald Trump, 60% Say He’s Not Honest, 58% Say He Doesn’t Have the Temperament to Be President


The American people have made their opinions clear about President Trump, and it’s not pretty. In a poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News, almost 6 in 10 people said they have an “unfavorable view of the president as a person.”

Ouch. That’s got to burn.

The majority of those polled also had doubts about the president’s “empathy, honesty, and ability to make political deals,” which is no surprise given the recent government shutdown and the president’s well-known penchant for what can generously be called unfounded hyperbole.

When asked “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of Trump as a person?” 59 percent of adults said their impression was unfavorable.

How do you feel about Trump as a person?

61 percent of adults said they don’t think Trump is honest and trustworthy.

Do you think Trump is trustworthy?

58 percent think that Trump does not have the personality and temperament to serve effectively as president.

Do you think Trump is effective as president?

The Washington Post published the results of the poll this morning, and Twitter’s reaction has been largely unsurprised.

Trump’s approval rating is a dismal 37 percent. His favorability rating is even worse: 32 percent, just two points higher than Bill Clinton’s was in the middle of his sex scandal and impeachment proceedings.

Let’s look at that again: Trump, in the middle of his term, is barely as popular as someone facing impeachment.

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