WATCH: ‘The Late Show’ Releases ‘The Only Honest Part of the Presidential Address’ Featuring Donald Trump Sitting Still, Saying ‘My Fellow Am-‘


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is no stranger to lampooning just about anything that comes out of President Donald Trump’s mouth, and last night’s presidential address, with the president tailored around border security amidst the partial government shutdown, was no exception.

The Late Show presented “The Only Honest Part of the Presidential Address,” which you can watch below.

That’s right: As far as The Late Show is concerned, the only honest moment of the entire presidential address was when Trump said, “My fellow Americans,” but even the word “Americans” was cut off. (Russia? Special Counsel Robert Mueller? The allegations that the president colluded with a foreign power to subvert the 2016 presidential election and take office illegitimately? Any of that ring a bell?)

People ate it up and, much like The Late Show, were snarky for good measure.

Many have criticized the president’s address as one based on lies and racism. The president emphasized the need for a wall along our nation’s southern border, suggesting at one point that it was morally imperative.

“Some have suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences and gates around their homes?” he said. “They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.”

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