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Donald Trump Is Getting Blasted for Calling CNN Out for an On-Screen Error in His Own Error-Riddled Tweet

So petty.

Donald Trump Is Getting Blasted for Calling CNN Out for an On-Screen Error in His Own Error-Riddled Tweet
Michael Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump fumed in a tweet storm on Friday morning against CNN, New York Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker, the Democratic party, the whistleblower who brought his Ukraine call to public consciousness, those who provided the information to the whistleblower, and—most aggressively—Congressman and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff.

Schiff has been the subject of Trump's ire unceasingly since Thursday morning, when Schiff oversaw the testimony of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire to the House Intelligence Committee. During the hearing, Schiff said that Trump's efforts to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden amounted to a "shakedown."

It wasn't long before Trump found out.

CNN commentators noted that Trump spelled the word "little" incorrectly. Trump then popped off to make sure his 64 million followers knew that the error was on purpose. He did so in a tweet that would've benefitted from some Sharpie edits.

A few things:

  • The "hyphen" he's referring to is actually an apostrophe. A hyphen is used to join words, such as "error-ridden."
  • It's unclear how the apostrophe makes any difference.
  • The word is spelled "Describing," not "Discribing."

"Liddle" soon became the number one trending topic on Twitter, because this is actually the level of discourse we're at now.

Schiff didn't let Trump's tweets go unacknowledged.

It's not unheard of by any means that Trump would make a typo. It's also not the first time Trump has used Twitter to attack Schiff, though it is by far the stupidest.

Trump has tried to come for Schiff before, even referring to him as "little Adam Schitt."

Maybe, just maybe, this guy shouldn't know where the bombs are.


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