WATCH: Donald Trump’s Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Says ‘Mr. Chairman I See That Your Five Minutes Is Up’

Nice try but no.

In the print copy of Whitaker’s opening remarks provided to the press by the DoJ, Whitaker planned to claim “the vast majority of the illegal drugs in this country is coming over our Southern border, a pattern that is true for all crimes.” However actual law enforcement statistics, coming from the Department of Justice, do not support Whitaker’s claims.

People expected Whitaker to get pushback on his false claims. And he did from Republican Representative Louis Buller Gohmert Jr. of Texas.

People took exception with Whitaker’s responses to members of Congress.

Including pointing out hypocrisy in Whitaker’s own testimony, first stating he could not comment on an open investigation when asked about his involvement with Special Counsel Mueller, then commenting on an open investigation of the FBI and DoJ.

And some thought Whitaker’s response and uncooperative nature warranted a subpoena from Congress.

In his opening remarks, House Judiciary Committee Chair Nadler stated:

“In my view, your conduct, Mr. Whitaker—including your decision to ignore important ethics advice when you became acting Attorney General, no matter the consequences—your conduct, sir, falls well short of the mark.”

The congressional hearing is ongoing.

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