REPORT: White House Reportedly Preparing Talking Points for Donald Trump to Run for Re-Election on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions and Cleaner Air


David Doniger, a senior adviser to the NRDC Action Fund, an affiliate of the Natural Resources Defense Council responded:

“They’re whitewashing their sooty record. They’re taking credit for the law and the actions of their predecessors that they’re actively trying to roll back.”

But reelection could hinge on Trump portraying himself as a friend to the environment as well as big business.

David Banks, a former Trjmp adviser, stated:

“For the president to win these battleground states, he’s going to have to have some record of environmental achievement to showcase. The environment and environmental issues can make or break you.”

To that end, Trump touts his perceived achievements on Twitter.

But Trump saw pushback on his claims there too.

In the 2020 campaign, are swing voters going to buy what Trump is selling?

John Walke, a senior adviser to the NRDC Action Fund, stated:

“The Trump administration’s discussion of air pollution and climate pollution both suffer from two realities. First, the administration has nothing to do with decreasing emissions, and second, their rollback agenda is increasing dangerous air pollution and climate pollution.”

“Once that’s established, all the rhetoric just collapses.”

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