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Hero Just Alerted Us to a Bot That Posts Every Time a Congressmember's Twitter Account Changes, and His Analogy For All the Deactivated Republicans Is On Point


Let us all have a moment of silence for the fallen.

A Twitter bot called Changes of Congress is keeping a running record of all official Congressional Twitter accounts that get deactivated, and Twitter hero Matt Ortega noticed a mighty number of Republican members who lost re-election in November are on that bot's list.

And he was here for it:

"Deactivation of official accounts from Republicans who lost in 2018 is like The Fallen from The Hunger Games," tweeted Ortega.

And the gifs came rolling in.

The bot comes courtesy of programmer Alex Litel, who - on a more serious note - points out that account deactivations aren't all fun and games.

"I'm seeing some people gloat about deactivations, but I'd like to argue that deactivations are probably bad and MOCs deactivating accounts remove potentially valuable data from public access. And it possibly messes with our ability to preserve records of congressional comms."

The Changes of Congress bot updates every day at 8pm EST, and keeps track of "when Congress-related Twitter accounts are renamed, deactivated or reactivated."

I guess the odds weren't in their favor after all.