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WATCH: 1958 Episode of ‘Trackdown’ Featured a Character Named Walter Trump Who Was a Con Man Who Wanted to Build a Wall Around a Town to Protect Them

What the what?
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Screenshot: Trackdown/YouTube/ NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Walter Trump looks remarkably similar to Fred Trump, the president’s father.

Fred Trump was a well-known real estate developer in the 1950s, so the namesake probably not a coincidence.

Though people have theories.

You may be wondering if this is all a hoax.


Thanks to Snopes, we now know this is all too real.

“A representative for MeTV, a Chicago network that airs reruns of Trackdown, confirmed that the episode was real,” Snopes reported on Wednesday. “The rep said that the after Hoby tells Walter Trump that he is under arrest, the character gets shot by another character and may have been killed.”

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