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READ: Tomi Lahren Tweets to Michelle Obama ‘That’s Okay, We All Smiled Watching You and Your Husband Vacate the White House. Bye!’

michelle obama tomi lahren, tomi lahren smiling

Credit: John Sciulli/Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lahren struck the ire of Americans everywhere by having the gall to tell Michelle Obama to sit down.

Not only were the flaws she attributed to the presidency of Barack Obama demonstrably false and not only could most of them be said of Donald Trump, but Lahren’s dismissal of an accomplished public figure with degrees from Princeton and Harvard seemed tactless and bigoted to many.

Because the instigation of public outrage is the practically only thing keeping Tomi Lahren relevant, it’s unlikely that her attacks on the former First Lady and others will relent any time soon. However, it’s not enough to make a career. When Tomi Lahren’s microphone is finally taken away, you can bet we’ll all be smiling.

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