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Tomi Lahren Says Americans Will Be ‘Armed and Ready’ to Protect Themselves Against Immigrants

Tomi Lahren Says Americans Will Be ‘Armed and Ready’ to Protect Themselves Against Immigrants
Fox Business

Far-Right Fox News personality Tomi Lahren is no stranger to incendiary, racist rhetoric, but her statements against immigrants in a recent Fox Business appearance are chilling even for her.

While making the case for why civilians need guns to sufficiently protect themselves against the world's most expansive military arsenal, Lahren warned that gun rights activists would be "armed and ready" against undocumented immigrants.

Watch below.

"This is your right," Lahren told Fox Business host Stuart Varney, "Your right to protect and defend yourself and your family."

She continued:

"And all the things the Democrats want to put in place — my goodness, if they want to open our borders, you better be sure the people in Texas, the people in South Dakota, the people in the middle of this country, we are going to be armed and ready, because we have to have a means to defend ourselves from — who knows who's coming in?"

Last month, a racist gunman murdered 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso to "defend against the Hispanic invasion of Texas."

Lahren's endorsement of shooting immigrants is dangerous rhetoric and people were quick to call her out on it.

Lahren currently hosts Final Thoughts on the Fox News's digital platform, Fox Nation.

Earlier this year, an armed civilian militia set up camp at the southern border for the express purpose of detaining and possibly murdering immigrants attempting to cross into the United States. One of the members said of the immigrants, "We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber."


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