READ: Chrissy Teigen Tweets ‘When Time Comes Out With Their 100 Most Influential White Supremacists List, I Promise I Won’t Question Your Worthiness’


Author, Lip Sync Battle co-host and model Chrissy Teigen has a large following on Twitter: 11 million followers. Teigen is also not shy about speaking out on issues that affect women, mothers, immigrants and politics.

Teigen was one of the people blocked by President Donald Trump on Twitter, until a court ruled it was a legal violation. She and her husband, musical artist John  Legend also use their platform to raise awareness and money for causes they believe in.

Because of her willingness to speak out and her philanthropic work, TIME magazine included Teigen on their “TIME 100: Most Influential People of 2019″ list.

But that decision earned a rant from ultra-conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham. For one, Teigen says bad words according to Ingraham.

Never one to back down when attacked, Teigen had a response for Ingraham.

On Twitter, Teigen shared Ingraham’s rant and commented:

“Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? Fuck you.”

Teigen added, followed by a gif of Ingraham “waving” to the crowd at the 2016 Republican National Convention:

“when time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness”

In her rant, Ingraham—who also lamented about Teigen’s criticism of President Trump—stated:

“She was chosen, according to the profile, because quote, all her life Chrissy Teigen has liked to eat. She’s not shy about that or anything else really. Well that’s nice, and innovative, I guess … eating.”

TIME recognized Teigen’s body positive message and encouraging people not to starve themselves in the pursuit of beauty. Ingraham was either deliberately obtuse or truly could not understand Teigen’s message.

The Ingraham Angle host went on to attack Teigen’s use of profanity. At a recent event, Teigen encouraged women to stand up for themselves. Ingraham again thought that was the wrong message to send.

Ingraham asked, before playing a clip of Teigen’s remarks:

“But did most Americans like her take on female empowerment during last week’s Democratic Retreat?”

Ingraham—who during her time at Dartmouth College as editor of a conservative student newspaper put a tape recorder in a LGBTQ student support group then outed the students on campus and sent the recordings to their parents—acted shocked at Teigen suggesting women should say “fuck you.”

Teigen is not the first to accuse Ingraham of spreading White Supremacist rhetoric on her program.

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