READ: Homepage Says ‘In 2016 Ted Cruz said ‘We deserve leaders who stand for principle.’ VOTE AND SUPPORT BETO O’ROURKE!!!’


The midterm elections are only two weeks away and the race for Texas’s open Senate seat couldn’t be closer. Incumbent Republican Ted Cruz is fighting to hold on to his job, but a website bearing his name is benefitting his opponent, Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

Cruz, a firebrand Canadian-born conservative and former federal prosecutor seeking a second term, somehow overlooked purchasing, which is now a pro-O’Rourke site.

The simply laid-out page one clear message: down with Cruz.

“In 2016 Ted Cruz said: ‘We deserve leaders who stand for principle.'”


The site is drawing a lot of excitement.

The Twitterverse is urging voters to go to to learn more about their favorite candidate.

Good for Cruz, finally getting his name out there. He clearly has tons of fans.

You’d think someone as adept as Cruz would have bought the domain matching his name. Nope.

O’Rourke knew what to do.

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