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2018 Saw Teachers Quitting Their Jobs at the Highest Rate on Record, and We Totally Get Why

A sad state of affairs.

2018 Saw Teachers Quitting Their Jobs at the Highest Rate on Record, and We Totally Get Why
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It's no secret that teachers across America do some of the nation's most important work for some of its most measly pay. Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing trend for decades, but now it may have reached a boiling point as teachers quit at the fastest rate on record.

The Wall Street Journal reports that teachers quit at a rate of 83 departures for every 10,000 teachers per month. While this is lower than the national average of departures due to the noted job stability of teaching, the departures are still the fastest in the 17 years since the statistics started being recorded.

The report notes that teachers across the nation protested working conditions, low pay, and minimal wages throughout the year. In some cases, some of the protests led to temporary shutdowns of their respective schools.

Americans weren't exactly surprised.

Present and former teachers weighed in as well.

In addition, national calls from many Republicans to arm teachers in the case of a school shooting are awakening undue expectations with no certainty of a proportionate pay increase.

That wasn't all Americans had to say.

Many cited the ineptitude from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose lack of qualifications have vexed the public since her confirmation hearings.

And several pointed out—as did the Wall Street Journal report—that teachers see leaving for other career opportunities as a better chance of making a more adequate living.

It's clear that teachers deserve better pay and the education budget needs a boost, but it's also possible that the education system needs an overhaul in respect to standardized tests and delineation of funds as well.