Senator Susan Collins May Not Be a Yes on Final Passage of Tax Bill

There’s still time to change her mind.

Maine’s Republican senior Senator Susan Collins said Sunday there is no guarantee she will vote for Republican tax-reform legislation once it comes out of a conference committee with the House, despite her support of the Senate version.

“No, I mean obviously I want to see what comes out. I believe that the amendments I added on medical expense deductions, on property tax deductions, on helping retirement security for employees improve the bill,” Collins said.

However House conservatives indicated they plan to block some of the key legislative promises Senate Republicans demanded in exchange for their votes on tax reform legislation, including Collins amendments.

Senator Collins announced her support for the Republican tax reform plan on Faceook last Friday.

The announcement was not well received in Maine based on the reactions to her post or the comments left by Facebook users marked as constituents. Over 10,000 negative reactions versus only about 1,000 positive ones by Tuesday morning and continued to get worse throughout the week.

Facebook reaction to Senator Collins tax reform bill support. (Facebook screen grab)

Collins faced similar backlash on every post on her Facebook page after voting to support the bill. During a Facebook live event of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, which Collins chairs, the comments from her constituents focused on her support of the GOP backed tax reform bill and how it would hurt those she serves, especially working people and the elderly.

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