Senator Susan Collins Calls Criticism of Her Support for GOP Tax Bill ‘Unbelievably Sexist’

Many don’t believe the concessions she received will come to fruition.

“It’s been extremely discouraging to see the press coverage on this given the significant impact that I’ve had on this bill,” she said.

Collins said the press didn’t give her enough credit for negotiating revisions to the tax reform plan.

“I think I got more in this tax bill than any other member of the Senate,” Collins said, when asked by a reporter about accusations she was naive in the deals she struck.

It doesn’t mean I like every provision of the final bill but I clearly had an impact.”

Collins said the conference report improved or maintained her three amendments. Her amendments retained some state and local tax deductions, restored a more generous medical expense deduction but for only two years and retained retirement account tax breaks.

Collins also claimed she helped kill a number of House provisions such as taxes on graduate student tuition assistance, private activity bonds, student loans and other issues. “The list goes on and on,” she said.

Collins failed to address the criticism she continues to receive from her own constituents including sit-ins staged at her Maine offices.

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