READ: Seth Klarman Says He’s Giving $20 Million to Democratic Candidates in 2018 Because ‘I Think Democracy Is at Stake’

With friends like these…

While President Donald Trump may still have the support of most Republicans, some of the party’s most generous donors are putting their foot down as well as their wallets.

Among these are the billionaire investor Seth Klarman, who usually keeps a low profile. Klarman spoke to New York Times writer Bari Weiss on why he’s begun increasing his donations to Democratic candidates:

“One of the reasons I’m willing to come out of my shell and talk to you is because I think democracy is at stake. And maybe I’ll be able to convince some other people of that. And get them to support Democrats in 2018.”

Klarman was the top donor to the GOP in New England before the 2016 election, giving millions of dollars to Republican lawmakers like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. As the New York Times article points out, Klarman is not only giving exclusively to Democrats now, but giving more than he ever gave to Republicans by over double, as his soon-to-be-released F.E.C. filings will show later this month. Klarman is hoping the donations will help flip the house and senate, ensuring a “check on Donald Trump and his runaway presidency.”

According to, which tracks donations to candidates and causes, Klarman has donated exclusively to Democratic candidates in the year 2018. Though he donated to some Republicans in 2017, his donations that year were majorly for Democrats as well. Until around mid-2016-at the height of the brutal presidential campaign-his donations were primarily for Republican candidates.

While Democrats admit that less money in the pockets of Republican politicians only benefits them, the presence of big money in politics isn’t exactly something to cheer about.

While the #WalkAway hashtag may have been invented by Trump supporters as a call to action for disgruntled Democrats, it’s Klarman and other Republican billionaires who seem to be heeding the advice.

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