REPORT: Senators Cory Gardner and Susan Collins Support Re-Opening the Government Without Donald Trump’s Border Wall Funding

The wall is not holding.

Republican Senators Cory Gardner (CO) and Susan Collins (ME) have announced they would support reopening the federal government without President Donald Trump’s desired $5 billion funding for his proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I think we should pass a continuing resolution to get the government back open. The Senate has done it last Congress, we should do it again today,” Gardner said, adding that Congress “can pass legislation that has the appropriations number in it [$1.6 billion] while we continue to get more but we should continue to do our jobs and get the government open.”

Collins herself announced she is co-sponsoring a bill that would help protect government workers during shutdowns. The Government Employee Fair Treatment Act would guarantee that furloughed federal employees will be paid retroactively and that employees will be paid as soon as possible once a shutdown ends.

Response to these calls has been mixed. Both Gardner and Collins are up for re-election. Last year, many promised to oppose Collins in particular after she voted to confirm Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh despite the allegations of sexual assault brought against him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a former high school classmate.

The shutdown is the fourth longest in U.S. history, and there is no end in sight, despite assurances from Democrats that they will pass funding bills as soon as they take office. The inauguration of the 116th Congress today marks the first time ever that a federal shutdown will extend into two different Congresses.

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