READ: Senator Elizabeth Warren Tweets ‘Thousands of Kids Have Been Ripped From Their Parents With No Plan to Reunite Them’

She is not backing down.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to halt the effects of a policy change his administration enacted. In May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Justice Department would treat all people entering the United States through the southern border without prior authorization, whether they sought asylum or not, as criminals.

In the past, many of the cases went to civil immigration court, not criminal court.

By categorizing everyone as a criminal, they would all be remanded to jail or prison awaiting criminal court proceedings. However this meant their children would need to be taken into federal custody separate from their parents.

In under a month, 2,300 children were taken into federal custody creating a crisis in housing and caring for the children separated solely because of a change in policy by the Trump administration. After massive public outcry about Trump’s new policy and it’s effects, the president signed his executive order allowing the children to be housed with their families.

But what of all the children, over 2,300 of them, already sitting alone in federal custody? That’s exactly what Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to know.

And the Senator was not alone in her concerns.

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