Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of Testimony Regarding 2016 Trump Tower Meeting


The Senate Judiciary Committee released nearly 2,000 pages of transcripts of interviews they conducted with some of the players in meetings that took place between members of the 2016 campaign for President Donald Trump and Russian representatives.

With so many pages to weed through, the story is continuing to evolve. But so far it is not looking good for Donald Trump Jr.’s reputation and integrity.

It is already known that the junior Donald initially lied about the purpose of his Trump Tower meeting with Russian representatives. At one point he claimed the meeting was about adoption.

But according to his testimony before the senate, he met for one purpose: gather any dirt the Russians could provide on his father’s presidential rival, Hillary Clinton. In an excerpt from the transcript, Don Jr. states he was there solely for the purpose of getting information to use against Clinton.

Q. But what is it that specifically you were interested in getting out of that meeting?
A. I was interested in listening to information.
Q. Information on Hillary Clinton?
A. Yes.
Q. Information on Hillary Clinton that came potentially from the Russian government?
A. Again, I had no way of assessing where it came from, but I was willing to listen.

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