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Laura Ingraham Tried to Get In On Sean Hannity's Interview With Donald Trump Live on Air and Hannity Was So Not Having It

Fox News

There's no shortage of Fox News hosts who leap over each other to gain the favor of President Donald Trump. The president has done more interviews with the folks at Fox than any other news network, and he tends to reward the hosts he favors most.

Just ask Sean Hannity of Hannity Tonight. He's often the first to interview Trump after the president's most newsworthy blunders, like the infamous Helsinki conference and one of the failed attempts at a peace deal with North Korea. The pair had a mutual—and now mutually reviled—lawyer, Michael Cohen. It's been reported that Hannity and Trump often even talk before bed.

So it may not come as a surprise that Hannity would be protective of that relationship with the president—enough to get possessive against another Trump-favored Fox News host, Laura Ingraham of Ingraham Angle.

As Hannity wrapped up his Wednesday night show, which featured an all-too-common phone interview with the president, Ingraham appeared onscreen to begin hers. Hannity became visibly annoyed and even gave producers a signal to wrap it up as Ingraham tried to score her own interview with the president.

Watch below:

Trump had lots of love to shower on both:

"I want to thank you both, cause I tell you what, you're great patriots, you love our country, and you know what's happening, and I really appreciate it and so does everyone else, and that's why you do as well as you do. They do appreciate it. They really get it. The people of this country, they get it. They're smart."

Ingraham then asked Trump about a thwarted suspected bombing attempt, which the president said he'd soon be briefed on. The call ended and Ingraham's show began Trumpless.

Many were amused at Hannity's discomfort.

It's clear who the winner is in this interaction: Trump. We're sure Ingraham and Hannity wouldn't have it any other way.