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'Fox and Friends' Guest Says Trump's Twitter Typos Make You 'Feel More Connected to Your Leader'

Fox News

Scott Adams, the creator of the famous comic strip Dilbert, appeared on Fox and Friends to praise President Donald Trump's compulsive Twitter usage.

Trump's Twitter account has become one of the defining aspects of his presidency.

He's tweeted as much as 40 times in one day, and his sudden announcements in policy changes, cabinet shuffles, outright lies, and nonsense words routinely upend markets and morale at the White House. At one point, his staff sought a way to put his tweets on a 15 minute delay.

Nevertheless, Adams defended Trump's Twitter habit, particularly his frequent typos, claiming they make constituents feel closer to their leader.

Adams said:

"I think that even the typos end up working in his favor. Because you know he wrote it. That makes it feel personal and you feel connected to your leader in a way that we never have before."

He went on to praise the "authenticity" of Trump's tweets as "raw."

Adams was on Fox and Friends to promote his new book, Loser Think, and "loser think" is exactly what many thought his defense of Trump's Twitter embodied.

Merely a day before, Trump defended his infamous 'cofveve' typo as "something with deep meaning!"