WATCH: Sarah Sanders Says Donald Trump ‘Certainly Believes He Has the Power’ to Fire Mueller

A day after Donald Trump made clear that he is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, multiple Republican Senators are coming out publicly warning him against doing so.

Veteran Republican Senator Chuck Grassley reportedly said:

“It would be suicide for the president to fire Mueller.”

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said:

“I think it would be a massive mistake for the president to do anything to interfere with this investigation.”

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that if Trump fired Mueller…

“it would be the beginning of the end of his presidency.”

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana said:

“I think it would provoke some sort of reaction by Congress. I think he knows that.”

Kennedy added:

“The president can’t just fire Mr. Mueller. He’s got to direct Mr. Rosenstein to fire him, and I don’t think Mr. Rosenstein would do it.”

The White House would beg to differ with this opinion, however.

In her afternoon briefing, when asked whether Donald Trump has the power to fire Robert Mueller, Sarah Sanders confirmed:

“He certainly believes he has the power to do so.”

She was pressed to elaborate:

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