READ: Sarah Sanders Tweet From 2016: ‘When You’re Attacking FBI Agents Because You’re Under Criminal Investigation, You’re Losing’


President Donald Trump is facing enhanced public scrutiny after reports that the FBI opened an investigation into whether the President was secretly working for Russia.

The news broke roughly around the same time that stories were published of Trump’s effort to conceal conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin from his own staff.

The President was unsurprisingly enraged by the news, taking to Twitter to disparage former FBI agents.

First, he went after former FBI Director James Comey.

Then after Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his investigation, and—naturally—Hillary Clinton.

It’s more than likely that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will soon emerge to defend the President’s erratic tweet storm while assuring the public of his total innocence.

But if she’s going by her 2016 standards, that would be a different story.

And the public isn’t about to let her forget this tweet.

Because Trump attacks the FBI on a regular basis, Sanders’ words have generated a wealth of replies.

But there was something more insidious behind the jokes about how well the tweet has aged.

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