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WATCH: Rick Tyler Predicts Donald Trump Will Fire Robert Mueller Because Republicans Will Let Him Get Away With It

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Trump and his lawyers have denied that there has been any talk of firing the Special Counsel, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from buzzing around Washington that the president is scared. Similarly, prior to the firings of former NSA Director Michael Flynn, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Steven Bannon, et al, the White House insisted that no one would be losing their jobs.

Trump has said any prodding into his finances or business dealings would be a “red line,” although how he would react to it actually happening hasn’t been clear. His latest tweets about Mueller, however, may be an indication. As the status quo rests right now, Trump does not have the legal authority to directly fire the Special Counsel. That power, for now, rests with Rosenstein.

How could Trump fire Mueller? It’s messy. Really messy. But not impossible.

The clearest path would be for Trump to fire and replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions with someone else willing to fire Mueller. Sessions recused himself from the investigation over reports that he was not forthcoming about meetings with Russian officials. Trump could appoint a new AG during a Senate recess. A new acting AG could rescind the “good cause” statute that prevents the firing of Special Counsel without evidence of investigative impropriety. Trump could also fire Rosenstein, should he refuse to fire Mueller, and then continue to work his way down the ranks of the Department of Justice until someone agrees to do the job. As is the case with the AG, Trump could appoint a new DAG during a Senate Recess.

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