REPORT: List of Potential Democratic Investigations Into Donald Trump’s Administration Circulating Among Republican Circles


Republicans in Congress have been notoriously MIA in their oversight of the Trump administration, especially considering how many scandals have emanated from the White House in such a short period of time.

But it appears those very same Republicans are well aware of what scandals are worthy of Congressional investigation, as this list of potential investigations uncovered by Axios reveals.

The list has reportedly been circulating in Republican circles in an effort to brace the party for what could lie ahead after the November elections.

One particularly telling part of the Axios piece:

As HuffPost’s Matt Fuller puts it:

The list is made up of various scandals of which house Democrats have already requested an examination, but Republicans have exercised their hold over the legislature to block the inquiries. Should Democrats take back the legislative branches, they would likely have the momentum to proceed.

The list is fraught with possible scandals from President Donald Trump’s White House. Some–like security clearances, the firing of James Comey, Trump’s family businesses, and possible conspiracy with Russia–have been widely discussed in American media. Others, like the ban on transgender service members in the military, action’s in the aftermath of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico, the firing of U.S. attorneys, and other possible offenses could be under scrutiny.

Many on Twitter are unsatisfied at GOP leadership’s failure to take these scandals seriously.

The spreadsheet reportedly contains over 100 possible investigations, most of which Democrats have already requested be made. To many, it’s no surprise that the list should be so long. The Trump White House has been inundated with scandals since inauguration day.

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