REPORT: Republican Governor Bill Weld Announces Primary Challenge to Donald Trump

This should be interesting.

While Trump’s approval rating remains high among Republicans, not everyone is sold.

2016 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has remained critical of Donald Trump since his inauguration. An aide for Kasich wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a primary challenge in 2020, telling the Associated Press:

“All of our options remain on the table, and we’re leaning toward a primary run.”

Prominent Conservative Bill Kristol, a longtime critic of the President, is using his organization—Defending Democracy Together—to build funds and speaking with others in the “Never Trump” camp to secure its own primary challenger.

Though Trump’s antics over the course of his presidency have been chaotic to say the least, many think the Republican party is too far gone for a challenge against Trump to prove successful.

The 2020 election is nearly two years away, but things are already getting interesting.

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