READ: George Conway Says of His Trump Tweets: ‘It’s So I Don’t End Up Screaming At [Kellyanne] About It’

Makes sense.

As he’s often willing to prove, George Conway—husband to Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway—isn’t shy about his contempt for President Donald Trump.

This week alone, Conway questioned the President’s mental fitness and the President called him a “total loser.”

With the barrage of anti-Trump tweets appearing in conflict to his union with one of the President’s staunchest allies, Conway gave insight as to why he’s so vocal in his aversion to Trump.

Conway told the Washington Post:

“The mendacity, the incompetence, it’s just maddening to watch. The tweeting is just the way to get it out of the way, so I can get it off my chest and move on with my life that day. That’s basically it. Frankly, it’s so I don’t end up screaming at her about it.”

While it may not sound like the healthiest arrangement, many understood his reasoning.

Not everyone was commending him, however.

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