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The Real Story Behind That Settlement Israel Named After Donald Trump Is So Trump It Hurts


The Real Story Behind That Settlement Israel Named After Donald Trump Is So Trump It Hurts
National Archives; Amir Levy/Getty Images

On Sunday, embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a new settlement in Israel named in honor of "a friend of Israel."

He took to Twitter and posted a photo, captioned:

"Establishing a new community in the Golan Heights named after a friend of Israel, US President [Donald Trump]. A historic day!"

Shortly after, President Trump thanked Netanyahu.

He posted:

"Thank you Mr. Prime Minister, a great honor!"

But not so fast says Senior Diplomatic correspondent based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Barak Ravid. He took to Twitter to refute Netanyahu's claim.

Ravid posted:

"To my dear friends in the international press: A settlement by the name of 'Trump Heights' or 'Ramat Trump' doesn't exist. It [may] exist in the future but the Israeli cabinet still hasn't even decided to do it. For now there's only a sign. A huge sign. Like Kim Jong Un's envelopes."

People called the move by Netanyahu out as an attempt to manipulate Trump. And declared it successful.

Few people supported Netanyahu's announcement.

Others called an actual eventual settlement ill advised.

In reality, Netanyahu took the entire Israeli cabinet to the Golan Heights. The current Prime Minister then stated the cabinet would pass a resolution establishing "Ramat Trump."

But what they passed said the government could not make the decision with an election coming in September. What really happened was:

  • Ministry of Housing will start preliminary planning work
  • No funds allocated to build the Ramat Trump
  • Netanyahu placed a huge sign with the name in the spot it might be located sometime in the future if approved
  • Netanyahu and Ambassador Friedman unveiled the sign in front of the cameras and praised Trump.

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