QUINNIPIAC POLL: 50% of Americans Think Donald Trump Should Resign

That’s more than those who voted for him.

59 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday that President Donald Trump’s job performance is poor, citing his moral character deficits. Trump received low marks despite the 63 percent of those surveyed who said the economy is “excellent” or “good.” Even so, more people credited former President Barack Obama (45 percent, including 29 percent of Republicans) than Trump (29 percent) for that success.

The president’s grades on most character traits are as follows:

  • 62 percent of those surveyed say he is dishonest, compared to 34 percent who say otherwise.
  • 62 percent believe he has not demonstrated good leadership skills, compared to 35 percent who believe he has.
  • 62 percent say Trump “does not care about average Americans.” By contrast, 37 percent say he does.
  • 70 percent say Trump is not “level headed,” indicating he lacks the temperament to be president. 28 percent say Trump is, in fact, level headed.
  • 57 percent of those surveyed believe he is a “strong” person. 40 percent believe the opposite.
  • 52 percent believe Trump is intelligent, while 45 percent believe he is not intelligent.
  • 65 percent believe the president does not share their values, while 32 percent say otherwise.

Those who participated in the survey gave Trump negative ratings for the way he has handled several key issues:

  • 33 – 62 percent for handling foreign policy;
  • 45 – 48 percent for handling terrorism;
  • 37 – 60 percent for handling immigration;
  • 29 – 64 percent for handling health care;
  • 35 – 58 percent for handling taxes.

Even more damning: Fifty percent of American voters, including 59 percent of women and 41 percent of men, say Trump should resign because of the sexual assault allegations against him. Democrats (85 – 12 percent) have been the most vocal about calling for Trump’s resignation. Independents are more finely split (52 – 44 percent) while the overwhelming majority of Republicans 92 – 7 percent say the president should not resign.

Still, the poll notes, voters are divided 44 – 44 percent “on whether they approve of how the Democratic Party is handling the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault in politics” (which is an improvement on the negative 30 – 52 percent approval rating December 6). By contrast, voters disapprove 65 – 23 percent of how the Republican Party is handling sexual harassment and sexual assault in politics, and Republicans only approve by a “lackluster” 46 – 37 percent.

The survey results also show that most people (66 – 30 percent) believe Trump does not respect women as much as he respects men. Those numbers include 73 – 25 percent among women and 59 – 36 percent among men.

“Confidence in the economy is eclipsed by profound doubts about the president’s level headedness, honesty, empathy for fellow Americans and handling of foreign policy,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. “A big bag of coal under the Mar-a-Lago tree from a voting public that has little confidence in the president.”

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,230 voters nationwide from December 13 – 18 with a margin of error of +/- 3.3 percentage points, including the design effect. Live interviewers called landlines and cell phones.

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