POLL: Gallup Finds 37% of Americans Believe Trump Administration Is Ethical, Lowest Ever

Sounds about right.

At one time in United States history, the office of the president was held in high esteem by most Americans, almost beyond reproach. Presidents could be viewed unfavorably, but generally over beliefs and policies, not their moral character.

But the Watergate scandal, involving the presidency of Richard Nixon changed that. Suddenly the president was viewed in a new light. They could be fallible, corrupt, or unethical.

Since 1983, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the Gallup polling company measures the public’s perception of each presidential administration’s ethics. And the latest numbers for our current president are not good.

Just 37 percent believe the ethical standards of the Trump administration are either excellent or good. That sets a new record low for the poll.

Poll respondents are asked to rate the ethics as: excellent, good, not good, and poor. The Trump administration garnered 7 percent for excellent ethics, 30 percent for good ethics, 19 percent not good, and 40 percent poor.

Trump’s 40 percent poor ethics rating, the lowest rating available in the poll, also set a record as the highest poor ethics rating in the history of the poll.

The previous low point was during the Clinton presidency, at the beginning of its second year in 1994 which coincided with the Whitewater real estate scandal. Only 43 percent thought the administration of Bill Clinton was ethical at that time.

The highest rating goes to President George W. Bush in 2002, coming into the second year of his term just after the terrorist attacks of 2001. Then 74 percent of Americans thought the Bush administration was ethical.

By comparison, President Barack Obama’s administration garnered a 50 percent rating of excellent or good ethics. That is 13 percentage points higher than Trump’s “drain the swamp” political ethics reputation.

But how did someone who campaigned to remove corruption from Washington, to “drain the swamp” gain such poor ethics ratings?

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