WATCH: Donald Trump Says ‘Here’s a Young Guy Who Just Said ‘Keep Building That Wall’, Do You Believe This?’

At the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, President Donald Trump claimed that a child encouraged him to continue pushing for a border wall with Mexico.

Trump was mingling and coloring cards for the troops with some kids when he said that a young man told him to “keep building that wall.”

Trump told reporters on the South Lawn:

“Here’s a young guy who said, ‘Keep building that wall.’ Can you believe that? He’s going to be a conservative someday!”

Watch Trump tout the exchange below:

“I will. Oh, it’s happening. It’s being built now,” Trump replied, overheard by the Boston Globe’s Liz Goodwin. The wall as Trump envisions it is not being built,” and his response seems more like a defense than an affirmation.

Given Trump’s knack for distorting details of events, people have their doubts.

Has Trump found his next Cabinet member?

Trump’s talking points never change, no matter the audience.

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