PHOTOS: Washington Post’s Front Page on Donald Trump’s State of the Union: ‘A Call For Bipartisanship’

Donald Trump held his first State of the Union speech Tuesday night, and while it was previewed as a call for unity across the aisle, what we got was far more divisive, with derogatory references to immigrants and a call to pass legislation to address the rightwing “deep state” conspiracy theory.

But when The Washington Post went to press with their front page, they seemed to buy into the administration’s pre-speech spin uncritically, declaring the speech “A Call For Bipartisanship.”

They tweeted:

But many wondered what speech they were watching:

It appears the newspaper heard the complaints loud and clear — or actually watched the speech — because it wasn’t long before another cover emerged.

That other one was just the “first edition” you see…

In contrast, The Washington Post’s editorial board published a scathing editorial about the speech this morning that belied the optimism conveyed by both covers.

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