Trump Tweets, then Trolls Do the Rest

it’s important for people to recognize the power of social media. Now that Trump is the president-elect, his tweets are more powerful than ever before––he can sway financial markets and make world leaders worry. But Batchelder hopes that Trump will rein himself in and stop attacking private citizens. “Twitter is such a powerful platform. He can make a difference. He can change the world,” she said. “And, using Twitter, I think he should use it for good. I think he should use it to uplift others.”

Trump’s latest Twitter feud, however, casts doubt on Batchelder’s hopes.

This week, the president-elect lashed out at Chuck Jones, the head of the Steelworkers Union local that represents the Indiana Carrier plants where Trump negotiated for roughly 800 jobs stay in the United States. Trump had claimed to have saved 1,100 jobs. Jones called him out on it. (Jones was not wrong: Trump did inflate his victory while speaking at a meeting on December 1.)

Shortly after Trump sent out his tweets, Jones’s phone began to ring. He received threats against him and his family. He told reporters that one menacing caller told him, “We know what car you drive.”

“Setting aside purely personal issues, Trump’s attacks on Jones and the Steelworkers were based on several misapprehensions.  When I interviewed Jones several months ago, he told me that he and his union had worked hard to persuade Carrier and its parent company, United Technologies, not to move the roughly 2,100 jobs they had announced would be heading to Mexico…,” writes journalist Steven Greenhouse in a Los Angeles Times op-ed. “It was in some ways surprising that Trump attacked the steelworkers union at all because it has for years led the fight on two big issues that Trump campaigned on – opposing trade deals and challenging China’s violations of international trade rules, often by illegally subsidizing its industries.”

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Trump created his Twitter account in March 2009, but Trump began using the platform more in 2012 when he seriously began to consider running for president. “He loves it,” says Roger Stone, a longtime friend of the president-elect. “This is what got him elected––being outspoken.”

In a May interview with Fox News, Trump revealed that he dictates many of his tweets to “one of the young ladies” who works in his office. “So they’ll type it out for me, real fast, bring it in — I’ll be in a meeting. ‘Blah, blah, blah, boom!’ Put an exclamation point here, and they’ll send it out,” Trump said.

But on weekends and during the early morning hours, Trump writes his own tweets. During an April town hall meeting with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump’s wife, Melania, said that she often has to tell her husband to get off Twitter.

“Anderson, if he would only listen,” she said. “I did many times. And I just say: ‘Okay, do whatever you want.’ He’s an adult. He knows the consequences.”

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