As Trump Turns on GOP, Demos Hope to Flip Two Big Red States––and Congress

may direct its funds into Senate races in both states, according to two sources. The super PAC may begin broadcasting ads as soon as next week.

Congressional Democrats also have urged Clinton to continue utilizing campaign resources in states like Virginia and Colorado, where it is nearly certain she will win. They argue that a Clinton victory could boost Democrats in both states. In a sign that Republicans are scrambling to somehow still maintain their Congressional majority, several Senate candidates have already prepared ads asking voters to elect them to preserve Republican interests should Clinton win the White House–a tactic once employed in the Clinton/Dole race when it was clear Dole had little chance of prevailing.

As evidence of her willingness to go after Congressional seats, during a visit to Miami on Tuesday, Clinton criticized both Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio for climate change denial. “We need to elect people up and down the ballot, at every level of government, who take it seriously,” Clinton said. “It is an unacceptable response for Marco Rubio, when asked about climate change, to say, ‘I’m not a scientist.’” A strategist told reporters that super PAC Priorities USA will seek to defeat Rubio should it decide to take on the Senate.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta. (Credit: Source.)

With polls now showing Trump behind in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, and national polls giving her between a 5 and 11 point lead, many GOP candidates are effectively conceding the race for the White House and now want to focus on stemming the tide. Whether the tactic will succeed will depend ironically on how much further damage Trump can do to his own prospects.

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