WATCH: Donald Trump Responds to Yamiche Alcindor’s Question About His Calling Himself a ‘Nationalist’: ‘That’s a Racist Question’

He’s in quite a mood today.

After a black reporter asked President Donald Trump about his self-professed nationalism, he dismissed her inquiry as “racist.”

“There are some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric,” Yamiche Alcindor of the PBS Newshour had said.

“I don’t know why you’d say that,” the president replied. “That’s such a racist question.”

The president proceeded to express disbelief at Alcindor’s question.

Oh, I don’t believe that,” Trump said. ”I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that. I don’t know — why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans? Why do I have among the highest poll numbers with African Americans? I mean, why do I have my highest poll numbers?”

“That’s such a racist question,” he said again. “Honestly, I know you have it written down and you’re going to tell me. Let me tell you, that’s a racist question.”

Alcindor documented the exchange on her Twitter account:

Alcindor noted that she––as shown in the video footage above––followed up with a question “about his proposed middle class tax cut” because “that’s what journalists do.”

She added that she asked the question because even if the president “doesn’t intend it, some see him as directly appealing to racists.”

Other members of the press came to Alcindor’s defense:

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